My name is Sun (last name), Jingyi (first name). You can call me Jingyi, but I give my baristas a different name every time I see them.

I graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2021, with a M.A. in Information Experience Design (IED1). Before coming to London, I graduated summa cum laude from NYU Shanghai in 2017, with a B.S in Interactive Media Arts (IMA2), and double majored in Global China Studies.

Born and (mostly) raised in Beijing (population: 21 million), I have lived in three other cities,
Berlin (3.7 million), New York (8.6 million), and Shanghai (24 million).
Currently (2021) in London (8.9 million).

I have really terrible memory. I like to notice outskirt details of the environment (time, weather, atmosphere, colors, structures), so when I later recollect an event, I can first reconstruct the scene in which it happened, thus helping me to remember the event itself. I think this is probably why I build a lot of my sense of identity and belonging around the idea of "places". This is probably also why when I tell other people stories from my memories, I offer them unnecessary details, which they do not need at all, but are elements I've attached like post-it notes to the event memo in my head. You'll see a lot of this type of nonsensical rambling on this site, so I'm offering my disclaimer here beforehand.

IED: communicating creative research through experiences and design

IMA: physical computing, creative coding, using technology for creative means