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An Illuminated History of Light

My capstone was an interactive pop up book recording a brief and selective history of artificial lighting. I wanted to combine paper engineering techniques with circuits, and one of my favorite subjects: lights. For me, artificial lighting and its effect on urban development was a really interesting topic, and I decided to pick 8 lighting inventions to make up this book.

My research process consisted of images from collectors, old street photos, and diagrams. I also read encyclopedias, news articles, as well as patents, and writings of the inventors themselves. I then moved onto prototyping the circuits on thin paper, and a second round of prototyping on thicker paper after I finished designing the graphics.

Inside Graphics: LINK

Flip through pages (watch video demo) to learn more about lights.

Uses paper, leds, conductive tape.

illuminated_30 illuminated_31
illuminated_6 illuminated_8
illuminated_7 illuminated_9
illuminated_1 illuminated_2
illuminated_4 illuminated_5
illuminated_14 illuminated_15
illuminated_16 illuminated_17
illuminated_18 illuminated_19
illuminated_20 illuminated_21
illuminated_22 illuminated_23
illuminated_25 illuminated_26
illuminated_27 illuminated_29