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Beep Beep Publication

A publication catalogue designed for my M.A. degree show, titled BEEP BEEP, a name that was picked because our class didn't want to take ourselves too seriously.

We decided to keep the design minimalistic, and created multiple templates for our peers to choose from. We also designed three different covers, each with the letters IED written in morse code (because beep beep). Each artist's initials are also written on their title page in morse code (because beep beep). Also included is an AR function where selected images can be scanned with an app, leading to additional audio-visual materials.

Exhibition Catalogue (168p hardcover A5 book, printed on 150gsm uncoated paper).

Team (Design, Logistics): Claudia Palcova, Jingyi Sun, Jiuming Duan, Ozge Kayaaslan

Photos (images of book cover) Credits : Jiuming Duan

Event Page on RCA Site: LINK

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